Detach / Unlink enveloppe

Good evening,
I wanted to know if it was possible to detach / unlink an envelope like in ableton :
From ableton manual at this point : (see attached file)
«20.5 Unlinking Clip Envelopes From Clips
A clip envelope can have its own local loop/region settings. The ability to unlink the envelope from its clip creates an abundance of exciting creative options, some of which we will present in the rest of this chapter.»
thank you in advance for your advice.
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Technically, it’s possible to transfer automation envelopes into the LFO device.

Problem is, the automation envelopes have a really high resolution (256 “units” per line), and the LFO has a maximum size of 1024 units.

Which means, you can copy just four complete lines of automation into the device.

In case you’re curious (because you_can_edit high-res automation if you zoom in to those first four lines),here are the steps for copy-pasting the data:

  1. Create your automation envelope
  2. Focus the envelope editor and select the range you want (or everything)
  3. Create an LFO device and set it to “custom” mode
  4. Copy the envelope data

However, I’m also dabbling with a tool (AutoMate) that should make such a thing a breeze (resize, scale values).

And it would perhaps make sense to throw in a dedicated “detach” function then (convert to LFO device), as this will save a few annoying steps.

Hello Danoise,

I tried and half succeeded.
I am frustrated because writing in English is too difficult to make a detailed answer of the tests I have done.
I thought I found using the cutoff modulation of the Unobass instrument, the stepper on 128 steps (or more) but a function like the one of “loop” available in “envelope” from 64 to 128 would have allowed me to do what I can do in ableton live. Because of these restrictions it makes me re-adapt the way I have to think and work the patterns. And change some design habits that date back to the time of fasttracker II …
Your answer encouraged me to work in other directions and I discovered possibilities of manipulation of his unsuspected.

Sorry for my late answer.