Detached windows switching quirk & keyboard focus


I am experiencing a bug/quirk switching between detached windows using keyboard shortcuts.

I have my windows set up as shown:

Pattern decides to jump in to next sequence instead

Almost as if the CTRL key got stuck in the other window?

I tried also with a custom shortcut to switch directly to Pattern editor (CTRL + ALT + F5),
This time, when I switched to pattern editor and tried to navigate with UP + DOWN keys, the instrument list began scrolling instead, as though ALT key was stuck

'ello! An update…

This is not just happening with detached windows, it happen also when I switch from windowed to full screen, and vice versa (using alt + enter)

Activity is in instrument list instead, as if alt key is stuck down

Confirmed here on Win8.

Another update!

I have found the culprit!

This behaviour only occurs when I have the option “Limit frame rate to…” checked ON.

When the option is unchecked, everything works fine.

Odd, eh?!