Detailed pattern effect commands


I seek more detailed information regarding Pattern Effect Commands. Specificly: Wich effect commands does only work with samples and wich works with VST plugins. Also how do I know wich DSP effect parameter correlates to wich number in the yth parameter in the device. I also wonder how I can find a list over MIDI Commands for Controller change message.

Greatful for help.

/dr Krall

Usually, those that color (by default) in orange are for sample-based instruments. VST will mostly use midi controls.

…and yes, this could be greatly improved. (i remember at some point Schism Tracker did this almost perfectly, a few years ago) Anyway, version 3.0 is coming out soon, so…maybe…?


I’ve read the manual, but I seek even more details.

All the information you need is there! What more do you need?

You questions from the first post:





Whereas this bit just doesn’t actually make sense!!

So please tell us what isn’t answered in the manual, on the page you linked to…