Detect&Pass Based On Cursor Column Location

Ok, hi… Here’s a kinda rambly question…

First to find out if it’s even possible: Does Renoise API allow for reading which column the cursor resides in?
I.e., note column, effect column, volume column?

If no, forget about it ;)

If yes, well, here goes:
Could a script be made which detects when you are on note column, and runs a specific function? Could the same script be instructed to pass the key to the pattern editor, when on the effect or volume columns?

Basically what I’m after is the possibility of mapping ‘4’ to “play current column line” and ‘8’ to “play current Line” - when on note column, and when in any other column, just passing the 4 or 8 to the volume or effect column.

Looking at the Keys, it seems that only the “Play current Line” is keybindable.

You can determine if the cursor is either in the note-effect column area or the note column area. More detailed positions are not possible in Lua.
For an example how to use this, browse the source of this widget:

Simply pick a few of the keyboard shortcuts and assign those. Then position the cursor either in one of the notecolumns and execute the masking shortcut or position it in one of the effect columns and execute the shortcut. Watch the response in the dialog.

Dialog can be popped up from right-click in the pattern editor then select “pattern → ~Masking options”

Ok, I guess I have my answer…