Detection of "FX Chain" mode - possibility to load FXthere instead of TrackDSP?

Hi, I’ve been wondering. I have a ton of shortcuts for loading efx (au/vst) to TrackDSP. I do that in Pattern Editor, Sample Editor, Mixer, anywhere.

Lately I’ve started thinking, hey, having Sample FX Chains in the sample is pretty neat too.

So, can Renoise detect, or, state, that you are in the FX Effects Tab, and is it possible to load VST/AU efx into the selected instrument’s sample fx chain?

I’m basically thinking of modifying the shortcuts to either load them to trackdsp or to sample fx chain.

how would i go about doing that?

The Sample FX Chain preset only work with samples, not with VSTi.

And I’m only using Sample FX Chain presets with samples. I could easily write some if statements into the mix where if it has no samples, the samples are loaded into the track dsp chain.

or if there’s only VSTi and midi out, then dump them to track dsp chain.

just askin about the feasibility of reading “in sample fx chain tab -> load to sample fx chain”.

Actually using dblue’s trick (using the right side instrument selector), you can also drag VSTis into a sample dsp lane. So this could be nicely used for layering. Only problem: The VSTi(s) does not receive any note data. Any idea for a workaround, how to make those VSTis receiving note data?

I did not know that. Can you create and share a GIF screenshot where this operation is seen? Or a video or a link that allows you to see it?

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  1. Go to an empty instrument, create an empty FX chain
  2. Open the instrument selector on the right, below the instrument list
  3. Drag some instrument from the instr. selector into the FX chain below

Ah ok, I remember I tried this a long time ago, but it didn’t work. Maybe it is intended for step sequencer type VSTi. But it will not work with VSTi sounds.

Has anyone tried this with a step sequencer?