Determination To Finish Tunes

ok, not too off topic, but does anyone feel more determination to finish/complete a tune after having 1 or 2 pints of beer? I think I do, this helps alot. most of the time I just jam with the ‘loop’ button pressed down :(

when ive had a drink, i tend to pick up my unfineshed tune/ current tunes, but the next day i wake up and dredd what I may have done to my sounds, and usually, i dont like the result…

perhaps you tend to jam with the loop button pressed down because your afraid of finishing a track. perhaps your afraid of finishing a track because it wont meet your high personal standards, and you’ll disappoint yourself? Seriously, theres a million reasons to not finish tunes, and only one good one:

because you should.

so instead of jamming with the loop button pressed…dont. :)

I recognize that:p I have hundreds of unfinished songs. Some are just a couple of patterns long. I don’t worry about it too much, cuz sometimes i just sit and listen to my old unfinished stuff, and once in a while i find a goodie and get inspired to finish it.

I also have a folder on my PC, where i put short rendered clips of unfinished songs that has potential of beeing good. When I’m meeting a new singer or having a friend over I play those back for them (or sending clips to friends on msn) , and they can pick a song they like, and that will usually get me quite motivated on finishing them if they really like what they are hearing.

Another thing that works well for me, is just listening to them and trying to come up with lyrics that fit the mood, make a “story” from the atmosphere of the music, or visualizing what the music video for that song would look like.

Yeah, seconded, except maybe in my case you’d have to replace “finish it” with “work on it some more”… I actually think that’s good (okay, music is not my main interest, if I wanted to earn money with a more disciplined approach would be required), because it’s not just practice that makes you better, it’s also not praticing, and just growing and learning other things. Music is what gets written while you’re out doing other things, or something like that. Like wine: leave it alone for a while, and come back to it with a wider perspective. Maybe that’s not a recipe for good music, but surely one for keeping it fresh and fun for yourself.


If you are playing with a loop forever, it means that your song writing skills suck. Imagine you are studying for an exam… Do you focus on the shit you are good at? No! You study on the stuff you are BAD at.

I suggest what you do, if you want to make a tune from start to finish for the sake of it is:

Take someone elses track…

For example, a Renoise head. Keith303, BTOB etc. They have loads of tunes out there. You can even just take one of the demo songs in Renoise, from the menu.

-Render each PATTERN to .wav

-Rearrange into a song.

This will satisfy you a little bit.


Render each TRACK and try to make a song out of that, using fx gently!

The thing is, you need to realise that you are not a computer programmer… You are making tunes for people to dance to. Your computer skills are just a way to tap into your musical potential. Unfortunately, computing and musicality use two entirely different parts of the brain.

Chill out with a cup of tea and think of some friends, or internet friends who you can collab with. This really helps.

I think the thing to remember, if you really are genuine, is… You are not writing songs for yourself. If you WERE, you would not even be on the internet, asking these questions.

People like music they can groove to, whistle to or enjoy on some level. Make it for yourself on this level and you have cracked it.

Collab, check out other people for motivation and just get into it mate.

Lesser people than you have put out tunes. You have the power for sure!

Check this one:

It’s a fact that as good as all important songs through out the
history has been made under the infuence of some kinda drug.
That be alcohol, cannabis, amfetamine etc.

Think about say 10 of your all time favorite tunes. Is any of these
made by artist who was totally clean ? prolly not ;)

So dont feel to bad about feeling more creative under the influence, your in good company !

Yeah that is true.

However, you may be mistaking the art with the engineering.

Most people who use Renoise rest between the two; they are artists and technicians in equal or unequal, quantities.

This is a major conflict in my opinion (although Renoise as a piece of software addresses this better than anything else I have used.)

The musicians you speak of are most likely using traditional instruments and therefore are using their bodies a lot more than us lot.

Its all good though, and you are right to an extent!