Deterministic native effects phase during playback

I would like for native effects (ex. chorus, ringmod) to restart their phase when I begin playback. I use renoise to make sound effects, and I can’t ever get the same results twice.

It seems this happens for renders, at least. I understand that what I’m requesting might be illogical: what happens if I begin playback on the 2nd pattern? What should the initial phase of these effects be? I’d settle for every playback operation starting the phase at 0, but I know that’s just what suits me. I can’t imagine anything else suiting anybody else though. And anyway, what would happen if rendering only a given section of a song? Probably phase reset to 0 wherever it starts. The important thing is more that it be deterministic than take any particular sensible value.

And I certainly see why this can’t happen while performing or recording, because there’s really no sensible time to reset the phase.

Still, if I could get what I need, it would make my life a lot easier.

New to Renoise 3.1, the Chorus, Flanger, and Phaser devices now have a reset function that you can trigger from the pattern editor, to reset the phase of their internal LFO.

Simply right-click the “Reset” button to insert a command into the pattern editor, then tweak the value as needed. Much like the regular LFO device, you can set the phase to any position from 00 to FF.

The RingMod device does not currently have a reset function, but it’s certainly something that we can consider.

Hey! i just came back because I was getting nervous this forum wasnt sending me a notification email about replies, and to say I just found that all on my own and was very pleased, and used it just now. Thanks for replying, anyway. It’s a great solution! It satisfies all my needs. I endorse its deployment to other devices.

So… uhh. I feel like I should auto-follow my own posts, or there should be an option “Notification method to use for replies to created topics”