here is the result of this weekend’s labour:

keith303 - detox (final) [MP3] 7,52mb

not quite sure about this one… don’t mind the ending, it’s complete junk because i couldn’t think of a proper one right now…
so lemme know what you think, ty :)

As always u’ve managed to present a crystal clear sound image, a tad too much “stick” sounds but i guess its impossible not to use them in a song like this. I love the progression and the way the “acid” sound blends into the beat, but its sometimes hard to feel where its going, tho that might be a good thing. This song kinda reminds me of old chicks i dumped and now wish i could play around with. However this one ends better, i kinda like the ending. :P

Is this an unfinished one that u plan to add vocals? If you do, i would like to make a remix of it :)

Sweet… this is a high ranking electro / breakbeat / two-step song in the making.

Didn’t remind me at all of old chicks i dumped… Was never interested in ‘old’ chicks ;) .

I prefer them normal aged.

ps. don’t do vocals on this song… the progression and the variations are more interesting

i regard this as finished, although i know there are some flaws here and there and some might feel it lacks variation… and the ending definately cries for some editing, but i think i’ll leave it in this state anyways due to my unstopable lazyness ;)
so no vocals as well.

thanks for the feedback guys!

Come on just a little bit energy for 2 or 3 improvements:

the ending
background fx <— elektro feel

only a half day’s work B)

Very nice electro-breakz tune indeed!
I like whole clean and sharp sounding and image.
Scratches is nice touch also.
Only thing - it sound’s kinda unfinished… Final break after pause sounds quite blured… Probably harder-sounding and more filled outro needed… But it’s just my IMHO. Overall - very nice! Progression are smooth and track mood is darky and anxious. Keep goin’!

P.S. I think vocals is not needed in this track also

Yeah, real awesome piece of work !
Great job on the rythm especially, keeps this song going like a pendulum

Too bad you don’t seem to think too much about it yourself …

k, i’m already on it again fixing and adding some stuff…
more variation (which i originally wanted to add anyways) and some fx are on their way…
hope my “improvements” won’t go into the wrong direction ;)

which one do you mean exactly? the one with the climating bassline after the strings decay? (around 4min)

if so, i can only agree - needs some treatment…

i guess you all know and felt it… you work on a track for quite a while and get some kinda tired of it to some extend, making it impossible to judge it yourself objectively. so after finishing a track it has always been the same:
i can’t estimate if i just wrote some piece of junk or a rather solid and listenable stream which one would be able to call music.

thanks again for all the helpful input!

Here’s an idea for the ending: Highpass the beat like you do at 3:43. :)

Neato tune, this!

the updated and hopefully final version is ready.

hope you dig it :)

“detox” final [mp3] 7,52mb

(link will (should) work due 19:30cet)

well, actually it almost got like that ;)

awesome tune, keith! let me know when it’s on vinyl B)

Typical Keith303 song :D.

I like it very much, it has a cool groove and wesome sound quality. :yeah:

BTW, What compressor do you use to get that pump?

reminds me of some Orbital songs, i definitely like the 2-steppiness to the beat though

good work man :walkman:

allright, i’ll keep that in mind - but i fear i’ll never be able to deliver such delightful information *wallows-in-self-pityness"

you’ll probably think i’m a bit daft, but there are overall three different compressors involved:

  • PSP Vintage Warmer v1.5 (drums/percs only)
  • Arguru Stardust v1.3 (drums/percs + bassline only)
  • EMU1212M internal DSP compressor (master channel)

funny you mention that.
a “reallife” mate just told me the same today. :blink:

glad you guys seem to like the tune, thanks for taking the time to let me know :)

what a demonic symbiosis evolving between beat and bassline!

keith303 on the drums, no doubt about it.
there’s only one guy hitting our membranes (and neightbours)
with such insanely detailed pattern-structures.

the scratching performance towards the end is mad.

onward to some fair words:

enriched by a melodic breakdown, insane filter-modulations,
(more) cut up vocals or anything else, this woud’ve made an
even more representative year2005-k303production
to mate my very taste.

some transitions evolve in a dramatic & ass-kicking manner ->
i wished the main-structure would keep up to this & be less monotonous…


i got bored after the first couple of times listening to it already.
(incredible because i lllloooooove k303 otherwise)

but no matter what, wicked percussion and tight mastering.

beers, chicks and detox goes off like a steamroller on the dancefloor.


this tune kicks insane amounts of ass. i never got bored, i really like everything about this song. do NOT change your style of producing… trying to make too many things happen in a short amount of time is a BAD BAD thing to do. (dont listen to kenny) :)

peace m8!


Ok downloaded and listened to it so I have to give you feedback, that’s the rule ;) Really like the the crystal clear layout of the sounds. Lacks a little punch in lower region though. Nice overall swing. I expected at 4:00 a climax. It’s a perfect build up to that point unfortunately it comes back to the same. Overall really nice tune!

climaxes?? come on, get over it allready… climaxes in music has been done for 15 years now… and frankly, i am getting sick of them. k303 does a great job keeping this tune interesting throughout the entire length of it… a big climax would ruin it for me.

stop looking at music like it is some sort of formula, and really listen to the song itself instead.

as for the punch in the lower regions, i have to disagree with you again. i think it has the perfect amount, production could not be any better. and also, keep in mind this is not a mastered tune (as in studio mastering with hardware compression/eq’ing), so having that done to it probably would have made it sound even better.

so all in all, i disagree with everything you said rick :=) sorry about that.


That’s okay xerxes, it’s just my experience with the tune when I listened to it… It’s not a formula that I’m trying to push, well maybe subconscious. ;)

hiya old buddy! :)
i already feared you’d say it’s too monotonous, but the amount of monotony was set intentionally. i personally regard it as a stylistic element which creates or supports a certain mood/atmosphere and you can’t achieve something like a “drive” (BotB gave a nice description, comparing it to a “pendulum”), without making your music monotonous to some extend.
and well, it could be worse if you think of “detroit techno” for example. ;)

@mr. lunde ;)
seems like we speak the same language, music-wise. :drummer:
i’m a bit surprised you like detox tho, since your stuff (which is all the way brilliant) is usually way more emotional, diversified and relaxing.
you don’t know how often i’m still playing that “me and a gun” interpretation of yours… it’s just … OMG :D
thanks for your positivity towards this!


wow, that’s one noble attitude i’d say.
wished that rule would be omnipresent, but i guess i’d have to start with myself to accomplish that…
seems like the monotony also killed the listening pleasure for you… well better luck with my next tune maybe… ;)