"Detroit Synth" Setup

hi, here is the second xrns i want to share,


a setup sounding “oldschool detroit techno” made with a chip wav (from basic renoise samplepack) + 808 drums

enjoy :)

edit: here is the same setup after a few tweaks:


feedbacks appreciated


the saw synth sounds get a little bit confusing after the first few lines, which is caused by having them on NNA “continue”.
even though i guess it was made intentional, it works better when set to “cut” for me.
apart from that, this is pretty nice really. thanks for the share!

btw: instantly reminded me of:

hey, thanks for your comment…

my mistake, i should have precised: as it is a “setup” you can feel free to “modulate” as your wishes … (just the same if NNA is on “note off”, this work well also… another cool stuff is to start drawing into the sample itself… anyway, feel free to pimp and share :)

BTW: i just uploaded a “first tweaked version” as an example, set to “note off”, and completely destroyed the saw to experimental wave with pencil… sounds like another part of the same song, that’s what i suggest sharing it: please tweak/destroy it! :)

hmmm… so…

thanks, i really like this :)

you’re welcome :)

thanks!! I actually listened to the loop for a while:)

good stuff!!

how do i go about to open these “xml” files? or am i just supposed to assign the samples to keys as i feel like?

They are .xrns Renoise Song files. Just open them with Renoise.

Although a xrns is a renamed .zip containing samples (compressed as FLAC) and xml data for instruments and the song. I believe both MacOS and Linux sometimes tries to be too clever and knows it is a .zip with a different name and treats it as such, rather than looking at the extension and opening with Renoise, so I guess you’re on one of those platforms…

yeah exactly, been disappointed a few times when i’ve tried to use .xrns’s…

any method to go round this?

thank you