Detuning Effect

Is it possible to detune an instrument through a native effect command? I have a vocal track that’s slightly off pitch at places and thought it would at least be fun to try to hand-tune it…

Well if you use 01 and 02 you can tune it, but you will go out of tempo. You can then correct the latter with 09 effect if the clips are short enough so you have enough resolution but it will sound “processed” in any case.

Yep, it’s going to sound like you are manually correcting the pitch of a turntable :)
As Suva suggests, you want to check out 01xx and 02xx, and possibly also the 05xx command.

I’d say forget tuning. Accentuate on the out-of-tune portions and turn them into an obvious effect rather than a concealed defect. :)

I thought the more pro producers use an auto-tuner for that…

Original song is here

Processed is ok :slight_smile: I’d either want to keep the processeded sounding corection or get another take that’s in tune (fortunately my singer can actually sing in tune).

For now, I’m just fooling around with the take to explore stuff. I mean I know what an in-tune take’s gonna sound like, but I’m curious where this is taking me.

Anyways, thanks for mentioning 01 and 02, I’ll try them out. I already figured out the 09-part :slight_smile: