Just listening to ‘Lazer Thrash’ by Dev/Null and I can’t imagine he uses anything other than Renoise to make beats like that! Anyone know this for certain?

when ‘Alien Washcloth Tumour’ drops its actually too fast for your brain to keep up with. It sounds like no two bars are the same.

Its not nice music to listen to, but its weird and amazing. Check it out:

I’m guessing fruityloops with the overuse of the “dblue glitch” pluggin.

How can people listen to this? :blink:

Lots of MDMA and awesome lights.

Non-Programmers/Musicians have the advantage of not knowing about what changes a simple plug-in can do to a beat at high bpm too

i’m not sure what he uses but i do know that he makes his living as a computer programmer. a lot of his stuff is pretty tasty musically in my opinion. i suggest checking out some tracks that aren’t on that disc.


:P I think dev/null is awesome. And I really am not on lots of MDMA and my lights aren’t really that awesome, just neat and convenient normal houselights

yeah I love it too, there’s something intriguing about music that you can’t quite comprehend.

everyone check out his free EP…rockp3-009.html