Developer Tool: Paged Manual

Here is a small implementation of a text based paged manual dialog for tool developers. Some more advanced tools obviously need some explanation, but it’s sometimes a pain to read (Epic Arpeggiator cough :P). So now having a small manual is as easy as including a lua file into your project and adding a textfile. The code is provided as example tool and should be pretty self explaining. Supported are:

  • Plain text viewing without a navigation. - A paged text file with navigation. If a line contains a phrase surrounded by double @@, it will be used as new page break. The text between the double @@ is used as navigation item text in the top list. An example would be “@@Introduction@@:”. The line containing the break will still be displayed in the page text, but the @ chars are stripped away. - A paged text file with a header and navigation. This is kinda similar to the normal paged text, but if the first lines don’t contain a page break, lines will be added to the header until a page break is found. A header is always visible on each manual page, but only needs to be written once at the top in the text file.

Oh, so it’s Amiga ‘Online Help’, but for inferior platforms! ;)

Nice work \o/