Developing Vst Effect - Unable To Intercept Keystrokes

Hi there,
I’m developing a VST effect, and using Renoise as my testbed for debugging.
I seem unable to intercept key presses - I don’t receive effEditKeyDown events in AudioEffectX::dispatcher, and also don’t receive and keypress related WM_ messages in my WndProc.
It is highly likely that it is a problem with my code, but I am at a dead end now, and would just like to check that I should be able to receive key press events somehow from Renoise?
I’ve ensured that ‘Enable Keyboard’ is checked on the VST host window.
I’m targetting VST version 2.2, and I’ve made sure that AudioEffectX::keysRequired is overridden to return true.
Any ideas?


effEditKeyDown/Up is needed for some very old Mac based plugs only. You should avoid using them.

As you already said: instead, make sure the “Enable Keyboard” option in Renoise is enabled. Then Renoise won’t grab away the keys and you can handle them with the usual WM_ stuff by your own…

Hi Taktik - thanks for the reply.
I am already intercepting WM_ messages - it’s just that none ever arrive. I wonder if it something to do with me not using VSTGUI or normal Windows controls - my GUI is entirely OpenGL.
There is still a top level HWND though, which is parented by the window handle provided. This window does receive WM_MOUSE* messages, and many other messages- it just never received keyboard messages. I’ll keep looking - it must be something I’ve got wrong.