Development of "VPDpro. ChordPad". Some Demostrations

(Raul (ulneiz)) #21

No i mean VPDpro :slight_smile:
It just looks awesome till now, about chords i don’t mind too much i mean, the tool scale finder also does the job quite well in that way.
Specially VPDpro automa looks really interesting actually… together with your reactions on several forum posts overall you telling that you can do it with VPDPro in a way… Made me wonder whether you secretly released it somehow or not at some point :wink:

No, the VPDpro tool has not been published yet. If one day it is published, it will be on currently trying to improve the code and add small things. Anyway, this tool has so many things that it can be overwhelming at first. The tool needs a small manual, and that is not yet built.The tool has a very personal touch. It is not designed to please other users, but for myself.

But yes, I will not mind sharing the tool when I think it’s ready to be published.

(Raul (ulneiz)) #22

More improvements for the ChordPad:

  • Chord names are better classifieds.
  • Colors added in the pads to detect them more quickly with the eyes.
  • Now, MIDI Input accepts the pulsation of several chords, without the previous one remaining sounding, as long as you do not change the instrument in the live recording.

This is the new aspect of the ChordPad window.

7924 vpdpro-chordpad.png

I am very proud to have built this tool! :slight_smile:

(Raul (ulneiz)) #23

And so you should be, Raul, looks amazing, and thanks for adding colour to the pads!
How long before release?

What … did you say tomorrow just then? :smiley:

(Raul (ulneiz)) #24

Raul, what I was really saying is, hurry-up with it :wink:

I think the launch is planned for next June 31 ;). Many details are still missing …

(remsky) #25

This Tool looks great! !++