Device chain doesn't save initial track volume

Maybe this is intended, but makes no sense at least for me. Would be nice if a device chain would exactly transfer the channel settings including volume. Thanks.

That seems like it would be terribly annoying, why not just use a gainer device?

This is not the behaviour i would expect, input may be anything and i don’t think it has something to do with the chain itself.
An example where this is not wanted behaviour is when you append the chain, it would be annoying if that changed the volume as well.

Hm ok, that’s true, but would be nice to transfer also volumes, so I don’t have to write them down.

Maybe a checkbox in the open device chain file dialogue where you can choose “also load channel settings”?

Why write them down? Trust your ears man, surely you don’t mix every song at the exact same level? I guess this could be a useful feature if it were optional as you said though.

esp81, sometimes my ears work better than on other days. Like on a curve that goes up and down. On the down side I want to focus on technical things like build a proper snare room or something.

Also I compose some variations of a song. Then I also improve maybe one version of these, and want exactly transfer the new setting to the other versions that use the same arrangement.

I think it would be a huge improvement for workflow in Renoise, if

  1. You can choose in the open devicechain dialogue if you also want to load the channel settings, by clicking a checkbox (the channel settings would have to be saved then of course).

  2. It’s kind of annoying to reload first the source song and then the target song on and on for every single pattern or even a single track in a pattern. Is it possible to copy a bunch of pattern and tracks? Multiple choice choosing of tracks and also devices in channels would help a lot. I tried to select multiple patterns in the sequence view, but it doesn’t seem to be copyable.