Device Placement During Insertion

other night I had a thought it would be nice to select a device for instance like a filter in the middle of a long chain,
then when you go over to insert an lfo, the lfo would instantiate right after the filter instead of being put at the end.

This way, using this method we can place a device exactly where it needs to be right off, instead of moving it around.

to make this simpler, the rule would be “always place device to the right”.
since we can’t put a device before the volume device,
and it would only work if you have a device in the chain selected.
If nothing is selected it works how it works now.

I’ll kick myself if this is already supported.

not sure if its supported either, would love to know, and if it isn’t, would really love this feature. great idea.


Yeah, good call. That’s exactly how I’ve always expected adding Track DSPs should work within renoise… it sure would be logical if it did, but it doesn’t in 2.6 or either of the most recent 2.7 beta releases, or any renoise release in the past. Surprising this hasn’t been “fixed” yet.

9 times out of 10 when I go to add Track DSPs I start off by doing just that - selecting the effect the new DSP should go to the right of, but sure enough, no matter what DSP effect you have selected in your chain, any additional DSP effects get added to the end of the chain.

Not in exactly the same way you’ve described, but you can drag & drop devices from the list and then position them anywhere you want in the chain.

“…goes to kick ones self”

Good lookin out, Thanks dBlue.

could we have the drag n drop work when more is selected?
cuz the drag n drop only works when it’s that little window.

I’ve been wanting this for a long time, too. Drag & drop to the mixer view as well.

I’m not sure why it was never implemented…

half o.t. but;

I’d really like if we could have those dsp/vst(i) selection tabs as floating windows, so we could place them on a second monitor and always have access to the extended list for dragging or initialization purposes.

d&d rearrangement at the mixer would be nice too.

When I first went to use the new found d&d method dBlue told me about for this,
I first tried it with *more.
I had thought for a couple seconds dBlue was messing with me, or it didn’t work for meta-devices.
Then I finally realized the method isn’t in *more at all.

the only other reason I could think of for the thread topic of doing the select dsp in chain insert new device right after device, is if the new device was a meta-device and it would populate itself based on the selected dsp in chain.

sure, OPTIONAL is the word here, having two monitors opens up a world op possibilities not yet explored.

I don’t care about whatever it is Jonas is talking about but,
scripting editor is a floating window.

The record sample dialog looks like a floating window to me, aas well as the songcomments dialog and the tips and tricks dialog.

There is a difference between floating windows and removable/dockable windows.

Renoise has a few floating windows but they are mostly stuff you are only going to want to open briefly, for specific purposes, and many tie to closely to other panes with too irregular use to be taking up the space at all times.

Option to make anything removable would be nice. You would open a repeat of the same pane but free to move it (and in some instances, hopefully most if not all, resize it.) Opening the pane in Renoise and you would see both, as you would when first Removing/undocking it. Then just close it when done.

Doesn’t touch the current operation for those that don’t want/need it but gives ability to use two displays nicely. Remove/Clone/Undock the Pattern Editor, move to second display, Maximise, open Mixer on origianl with Matrix alongside and top and lower panel whatever you want.

Or there was the old mock-up of having two Renoises working on the same project, so you could switch whichever views on either of them, as another solution for dual screen. Not quite as flexible though…