Dfx Skidder

i have been using the dfx skidder vst in a recent track to emulate IT2’s tremolo and actually kind of like the way it works. i’ve asked for a 04xx (renoise) -> Ixx (IT2) compatibility feature in the past but was told that it wouldn’t work due to the intrinsic nature of renoise’s DSP structure. would it perhaps be possible to incorporate a native effect that does something similar to the dFX Skidder VST?

Maybe this is a work around meanwhile. I guess to get some smooth tremolos you can also try to use the volume up/down efx 6xx & 7xx instead to slice the volume which gets a liitle harsher sound.

Why not just use an LFO on volume?

impossible to get in sync


I’ve been testing skidder as an alternative to the LFO and the non-existent tremolo, and the syncing problem is very curious.

It appears that it syncs fine, even if I enable/disable skidder’s check box at random intervals, but the instance in which it loses sync (though still the correct tempo) is if if I disable/enable the send device that sends to it, or if I drop the send device’s amplification all the way to zero, then bring it back up again. Somehow it tends to start the gating when it starts receiving audio, rather than always locking the gate to the tempo. I’m not sure if it’s skidder or renoise causing this, or why, but it would be interesting to know.

It also occurs if I mute/unmute the track sending to the channel skidder is on, if I mute/unmute the send track skidder is on, or if I mute/unmute a track with skidder on it.

It sounds like skidder is getting its start/sync info from when it starts receiving sound, but the tempo info from the master.