Did I Blow A Monitor?

Suddenly only mids and highs come out of the left.

The left woofer cone will now only make sound if I push on it and then it quickly flubs out like it’s loose.

dat dere, ol fella me lad, sounds to me like a fried coil :(

I know almost nothing about monitors/speakers.
Is this kind of thing covered under warranty?

I don’t smell anything burnt.

well you have a big coil glued onto a tube that goes into a magnet, and electromagnetic pulses move the whole cone in and out of it

I suppose its possible the voice coil has just come loose too
if they used cheap epoxy to attach it then it could detach itself…I would imagine something like that would be covered under a warranty

f****, this is really going cut into my beat battle schedule.
I’ve been working super hard on this and I don’t know how the hell I’m going to make a decent mix now :angry:
I’m just not used to mixing with headphones at all, not to mention I don’t even see a way to hook them to my comp.
Jean Claude Van Damnit!

what monitors do you have?

Alesis M1 Actives.