Did I?

Did I mention that I love this programme!!

Some times I forget it…'caus I’m getting used to it

but, Mannn…it’s the perfect thing for me…the precision, the creativity, the eazyness!!

I Love it I love it…goddamned I love it!

(sorry, I had to get this ofof my chest)

Keep it up, I’ll defenitly support you



100% agreed man!!!

Amen to that :)

Add another voice to the choir here!

After using an app for a while you tend to focus on the things that you can`t do yet. Just trying other apps with these other features though just reinforces the reason that I use renoise in the first place, and that is workflow…

Look forward to new features but am more than happy to workaround in the meantime


yeah… impulse tracker was such an amazing program, but renoise is 10x better. i actually feel inspired to write music because of this program, which i have never been very inspired before!!

In some cases it is just a matter of “let go” or find apps that do what you wish AND coop with Renoise. Renoise and Energy XT seems to meet lots of full demands for a real load of people out there who desire functionality not offered by Renoise.

Energy XT is just 39 euro’s as i’ve seen it.

So those that really want to have ultimate power for under 100 euro, i would recommend purchasing this combination.

Maybe we should more advertise with this idea or just duct-tape developers heads from both camps together and work out some special integration deal.

Yes I actually have energyXT and you will see tips on using it in a couple of threads I have posted here and here. These though are still as I see it workarounds. XT is a great app and Jorgen who develops it is amazingly responsive and quick developer. He is able to offer lots of updates as he works on it full time. It also looks amazing what he is going to add in the future!

For the two threads I have posted I still look forward however to the day these features are integrated within renoise, why?

The first modular workaround requires two extra jthalamus VSTs for every instrument in renoise = more CPU consumption. More so it adds an extra degree of distance between your working interface (renoise pattern sequencer) and the VSTs inside XT (which of course is a VST itself). This does unfortunately interrupt workflow…

The same applies for the other freezing workaround (which I am still having ideas on refining). First you have to render in renoise then import in XT, then switch off all VST in renoise etc which you don`t want. Or you have to keep all your VSTs in the XT sequencer which then adds the extra level of distance.

I am a big fan of XT and it is a great VST to have in your arsenal it will just be in higher tracker heaven when these type of features are integrated in renoise with the pattern sequencer at the centre of workflow. The above two series of steps will become as simple as pressing a button or a tab in renoise.

On the side of a deal wth renoise and XT, I personally feel that these two apps are so reasonably priced in the first place that a deal is not necessary. After all taktik and Jorgen do need to eat :).

Rumour also has it that a tracker component may one day be in XT… :w00t:

then they also need to talk (to each other) :)

I was not heading towards a financial deal for the users… i was actually aiming upon a deal where these two apps work together more intensively.

For instance… Your desired tracker component Renoise inside EnergyXT may be one of the options.


Yes this could become a problem and I wouldn`t want to see two of my favourite devs wasting away…

The reason though I think renoise will be safe for the moment is due to my favourite word of the moment: workflow. There are a lot of nice touches to renoise which I dont think could be coded over night (no matter how quick Jorgen is). Also XT caters for piano-rollers` primarily so I guess the component would be relatively simple with-out the integrated sampler of renoise.

In a way though I could see that this is quite a strong use for renoise becoming a VSTi. There is some times talk at KvR indicating a demand for a really good tracker VSTi. This though it seems is at the mercy of the polls, unless an executive decision is made separately…

Ah I see, (just got that impression as you were talking about the costs just before.)

This is actually a very good idea and a step on from the VST issue I just mentioned in my last post. The only thing would be whether the two devs would be happy to do this… I know as a user I would be more than happy with this scenario B)

I’ll take this opportunity to ask about EnergyXT in a beginner’s tone…
What’s so good about it?

I don’t like to complicate with more than one program. I’m pretty happy with Renoise.
Renoise maybe needs a quantize, maybe the possibility of audio tracks somehow… is this what XT can provide for now?
Does XT have PDC?

Does there exist a beginner tutorial for XT?

I mostly do pattern based music… would I still find XT useful?

XT seems geekish and not very fast to operate with? Is this true?

Then you probably don`t need XT :P

Check this thread for using it for audio in renoise:


Check this one for full modularity in renoise:


Check this one for side-chaining compressors:


(will get back to the last one there shortly)

No not yet.

They are all linked here:


Depends on whether any of the above are useful to you or if you can find any other uses for it…

geekish in the sense that you have to think about what you want it to do and that there are often more than one way of doing the same thing, but there in lies its flexibilty and strength.
Once you have it set up to how you want you can save your project/s as a template and never have to do the whole set-up again.

There are certain things I find slightly illogical in XT but they are mainly to do with the UI and things sometimes seem hidden. It is a very mouse driven right-click app, but once you get used to it this way of working in its modular environment does work and make sense. It is constantly improving also and as I`ve said earlier Jorgen is a very responsive dev to feature requests. The update rate of XT is amazing also.

Anyhow If you are interested the demo is here along with the coming next list:


And a very helpful forum is here:


Ok, thanks!

What is ‘full modularity’?

I’ve seen the flash tutorials, but they didn’t convince me. A hell lot of mouse clicking… but maybe I just don’t need eXT. Is it supposed to be a program like Cubase?

Full modularity just refers to the routings possible in the XT main screen with the MIDI and audio wires.

I`m afraid I can not offer you comparisons with cubase here as I am not a cubase user.

Hey, just wanted to add to this thread that I finally got some cash and registered Renoise. Aaaah, a toast for a long and loving relationship! zip zip ;)