Didgeridoo Samplepack

I’ve sampled at produced a high-quality didgeridoo samplepack, available free for you to use for all your non-commercial applications.

Direct link: Didgeridoo Samplepack (RAR, 52.1 Mb)

Included are 8 individual recordings of a D-tuned didgeridoo, sampled at 44100 Hz, 24 Bit, Mono using an Audix OM-3xb microphone and MOTU 828mkII interface. Additionally, all samples were processed with noise reduction, convolution reverb, and followed with a limiter where appropriate for quick, professional results.

A detailed description on how to process the original recordings yourself is included as well, and all you will need for this is an audio editor such as Sony Sound Forge. You will find the necessary markers for entry and exit points of the signal, as well as markers denoting a suitable noiseprint for noise reduction.

Hopefully this will take care of all your didgeridoo needs. ;)

Thanks for these it sounds as though you have put a lot of work into these, I will definitely give them a download and a try out.

:D I think 52MB+ should just about cover me but I`ll get back to you if not!

Whats the story on the commercial use? (If you`ve already included this info in the rar, ignore this question)

cool, didge rocking on!!

here´s a track i made couple years…recorded on ft2 sample editor with shitty self made mic.


I’m interested to check this stuff out, as I’m from Australia, and the didgeridoo is so rinsed over here, I don’t know what all the fuss is about!
All you overseas dudes seem to love the didge!

Although I once saw this crazy homeless looking dude busking with a whole bunch of crazy electronic equipment (looked like a big mess of wires and stuff), and playing the didge over the top, but not in the conventional manner. He was kinda trying to make it sound more like an acid synth, making it very percussive, and paying lots of attetion to detail. It was this awsome acid psy-trance kinda stuff…

thats all…

Another Aussie here, wonder what the fuss is about too :)

Yeah I saw a TV feature on that particular ‘dude’ - he somehow built a sampler and efx unit into his didj and it had the whole pitch/cutoff thing happening. Twisted sounds. I think he’s from Queensland. All the Aboriginal elders really dug it, which kinda surprised me…

I own and play a Bamboo didj… they sound a little different to the traditional solid wood ones. I can play it well, getting all the weird screaming sounds out of it: but there’s no way I can do the circular breathing technique that allows you to play 30 minutes straight. Oh how I wish I could! My nose is too full of snot! :lol:

The story on commercial use: What the hell. :) Just 'em as you please but let me know when you do so I can either check out your track or get appropriate credit for it. The only reason I didn’t want them to be used for commercial purposes is because I obviously didn’t want people making money from my work, but I really don’t see it worthwhile getting an official copyright for these if it’s only a once off thing. So instead I’ll rely on you giving me the appropriate credit I might deserve if you use them commercially.

I’m from NZ myself, but didjes are still cool and since my flatmate’s friend had to record one for a video they were making, I thought why not polish the takes up and release them online. :)

Cheers for that, seems more than fair.