Difference between recorded level and sample level?

I’ve noticed a weird behavior with renoise :
I record a guitar and my sound card indicates I peak at around -5dB. Great.

Then I play back the sample (all sample levels at the default 0dB settings) and the same recording through the same VU meters of the same soundcard now peak at around -10dB

It’s annoying because I do reamping and 5dB makes a world of difference and I don’t want to have to reajust every sample by hand.

Is there a setting I’m missing somewhere ?

Song Options > Playback Options > Track Headroom

The volume that each track’s input is lowered by. This leaves room for volume increases that may result from the use of effects, as well as helping to avoid clipping in the final mix that takes place in the Master track.

Amazing ! I’ve never been in this menu before

Thanks a lot !