Difference of internal analog and digital filter

I want to cut unneeded frequencies from my tracks/instruments to make space for other instruments, also i use the filters to shape the sound of samples. I only use samples – no external instruments. so far I always used the analog filter. but there is also a digital filter.

What is the difference then if i use the analog filter or the digital filter? What is the difference between both anyway? I am a beginner in this stuff… how can it be an anolg filter – it’s an internal software and therefore is’nt it digital anyway?

Which the 2 filters should i use in which case?


It depends what kind of sound you want to archive. Every filter have his own sound. Simply try out. Also check the manual here: https://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Audio_Effects#Filter_Devices

I mainly use digital filters for hard clean cutoffs.