Differences Between Volume And... Volume ?

Hi all !

I think i already read a thread about this but i can’t find it anymore ! :confused:

I don’t understand one thing about volume in renoise.

There’s three way to control the volume of a VSTi :

  • the first is changing it using the ‘Primary sound device’ Track DSP and the automation
  • the second is changing it using the *MidiCCDevice and Automation.
  • the third is to put directly the volume value in Pattern Editor’s volume column.

This three way haven’t the same result (with Edirol Orchestral for instance) :
The first and second way lead to play the volume less loud (as if the instrument plays at the same level, but i’m just farer).
BUT, the third way seems to change the interpretation of the note plays (as if i’m in the same distance but the instument play really less loud).

Do you know why ?
(i hope my explanation are understandable… i can explain better in french, i suppose…)


That is because for VSTi and MIDI instruments the volume column does in fact not control volume, but velocity.

(If you have a MIDI keyboard, try hitting some keys when edit is on and you’ll see that the velocity is entered into the volume column).

I will give a bit more technical explanation about this:

when you change the volume with automation or track DSP (1 and 2), you are indee applying a multiplication to the output volume of the VST instrument

when you put a volume value (3), you are instead telling the VST/MIDI instrument to play the single note to a certain velocity.

Actually, I’ve asked several times for a velocity envelope in ReNoise, which would be very helpful.

Another addition: (1) and (2) can be used anywhere in a pattern, whereas (3) only can be used on the same line as a note (because it controls how fast the key is pressed).

Yeah ! Efficient and quick. It rules, guys ! :)
I understand, thanks.

@It-Alien :
I agree with you, a velocity envelop in renoise will be nice. (but there’s no possibility to have a CC Controler in MIDI which can do that ? ^^)

@Johan :
Unfortunatly, i haven’t MIDI Keyboard yet. Maybe, i can buy one at Chrismas. But, i know nothing with these machine (and MIDI in general)… i just want to have :

  • sensitive keyboard
  • more than 2,5 octave (i use my computer keyboard for playing and i develop good ability for this, but…)
  • USB because i have a mobile computer and no MIDI port (i think)

Any advice ?

I’ve try something with the VST, volume and velocity… and i have another question.

For an VSTi, put the value 2F (for instance) in volume column change the velocity (and not the volume) of note played. It’s ok !
But which velocity ? It seems there’s three :


I don’t success to have the same sound with *MidiCCDevice and changing these three CC value compare to changing the value in volume column.

Velocity is not a CC message, so it is neither of these. It seems 20-22 of the synth controls how the velocity is handled. I.e. if you set a high value to velocity dynamics and then play with different velocities it will sound in one way. If you then set a low value instead and again play around with different velocities it will sound different. Not sure exactly what 20-22 controls, but fool around with them and you’ll probably notice the differences.

Arf’, ok ! Then the better way for now is certainly use the volumn columns…
And me, I have a lot of works to do. <_<

Thanks for all, have a nice week-end ! :)