Different Icon For Beta Version?

Super quick idea, I have started the wrong version of Renoise a bunch of times inspite of putting the icons at opposite ends of my task bar. What would everyone think of a different icon for beta and stable versions? Just a recolor or something?

+1. Hue it blue!

You can simply rename your icon or give it a different tooltip in the task bar somehow can’t you?

I still don’t see the harm of appending it with X.X version in the name…

both are possible. I just thought it might be a neat little touch.

PS. The logo is very slightly different (at least on B2.) For some reason the ™ is missing…

Hah! I didn’t even notice.

I cleaned up the icon for 2.8 and added new icons for the different file types (song, instrument, etc), made them all into lovely 256x256 sizes, etc. There’s no big mystery to why the ™ is missing - the icons simply look better and cleaner without it. You’ve got too much time on your hands if this has been bugging you :)

Not at all. Only noticed because of another thread going on about noticing differences between the old and the new logo and it was about the only difference I could instantly see (when trying) on the Win32 version. I was just jovially pointing out there already is a difference if you look carefully ;)