Different metronomes values per pattern

Is it possible? Is there a way that we can have a command (ZMXX perhaps?) on the master track, that can handle different tempos (with metronome) whenever a especific pattern is triggered? like zm04 ,zm03, zm06, and so on… well… sorry if im missing someting or if it is already possible, but sometimes i just find it a bit confusing. thank you

If you just want to automate the tempo, you can use the command ZTxx, or you can draw tempo automation into the master track.

If you want the metronome to use different time signatures at different times in your song, this is not really possible at the moment. (Although you can adjust it globally in Preferences > Audio)

If you want some more interesting or exotic metronome patterns, then the best approach is to simply create your own custom metronome track in the pattern editor, using any preferred “click” sound you like. You can even use the sound from Renoise if you want, which is located in the Renoise program folder under /Skin/Metronome.wav :]

A quick example song :]

By putting different metronome patterns into phrases, you can build up a library of rhythms that you can easily re-use in your songs.

4840 2014-03-26-renoise-metronome-track.xrns

well… i guess if it was simpler wouldnt be cool like this hahahahah. for now i´ll stick with this method. thank you for your effort and attention

just out of curiosity, if the solution for every metronome related feature request is “just program your own click track”, why is there a metronome in renoise at all?

Because a real-life metronome simply goes tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock-tick… and that is usually more than enough for most people.

If you want something more exotic or fancy than a standard metronome, then you’re much better off programming it yourself rather than relying on us to provide it for you. That way, you’ll have maximum control over everything you want to do :]