Different ways to load instruments

Super stupid question:

We have the instrument loading window just under the spectrum analyzer, while we can also use the instrument selection on the right side. Is there any difference between those and how can I add different folders in the first one? There is only bundled content and user library.


There is no difference. You can’t add folders in the loading window, but you could add folders by right clicking on an instrument slot in the instrument selection window, select “Load Instrument” and then browse through your folder structure and add the folder where you like. On Windows this is happening in Windows Explorer. Usually the path to your xrnis is C/Programs/Renoise/Ressources/Library/Instruments, but of course you could put it anywhere on your drive, just like VST2 stuff.

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Thanks, then I don’t get why there is this additional browser on the top.

I was wondering what you’re talking about so I just had to take another look. The second window shows the content of the folder that you’ve selected in the first window. You need to click that highlighted folder icon in the second window on the upper left to put those windows back together. Once you’ve done that it looks normal again:

If you want to split the loading window again into two parts just click the folder symbol in the upper left corner again.

I was referring to this:


The stuff on the right is clear to me.

You can add as many folders under Instruments in your User Directory as you want. These will show up there. And you can browse by the drop down menu or you can skip to next/previous instrument with the arrows. Unfortunately there is no mappable shortcut for this. None of the preset selections have mappable keyboard shortcuts.
instrument/phrase/sample/multi sample/modulation set/effect chain presets work the same way, and have their respective directories in your user directory

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The problem is “in your User Directory” I don’t want to save thing there as I have all stuff on another drive.

Ah, now I know what you’re talking about. This only shows up when you’re in the sampler tab. So there are even 3 options to load instruments. Anyway, I have to go back to my first statement, which is “There is no difference” and “You can’t add folders in the loading window”. If you need to add folders you have to to it in Explorer/File Manager/Finder. All 3 options to load instruments within Renoise of course show the same instruments in the same folders. The one you’re talking about obviously additionally shows notes about the selected instrument and both the common instrument library and the user library at the same time, The user library has a different path than the instrument library and it’s usually (in Windows) C/User/Name/Documents/Renoise/User Library/Instruments. Anyway, you could also browse to your user library by using the common browser on the right. Or you could also save your own instruments in the instrument library instead in your user library. This way you would have all your xrnis at one place. So if you ask why are there several options to load instruments, the answer is most likely “Because Renoise can”. I don’t believe that there’s a deeper meaning. :wink:

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