Different ways to sidechain

any helpful ways cheers could i use the lfo ? thanks can you also use the lfo for compression cheers

The LFO can drive pretty much any parameter of any Renoise fx. (Pretty sure)

Yes, an LFO can be coupled to compressing parameters (e.g. threshold, amount, etc.)

Things I’ve done with an LFO:

Subtle EQ shifting to vary the sound some percussion

Random changes in pitch for a comb filter

Random enable/disable of a send (keeping original sound) where the send track is doing using, say the repeater.

LFO to vary the behavior of that repeater.

I know it’s cheating but the Kickstarter plugin from Nicky Romero is a simple one-trick-pony for adding sidechain compression without a fuss. Has a small variety of presets for different types of situations, all are useful in some way.

15 bucks, done.