Difficult With Long Samples


I’m making a tune with really long samples (“audio tracks”) that are started in the beginning of the song. The problem is that if I start playing the tune somewhere in the middle, I can’t hear them, so I have no idea what to play when overdubbing. Is there a setting somewhere that makes me hear them? If not, then I think that would be a useful new function; a setting that makes Renoise calculate (or play the song silently from the beginning as fast as possible) whenever you change song position.


The same thing when you mix - if you mute a track that is a long sample and then un-mute it again, it will not come back!

This is all mentioned on the forum already. Until it is integrated though, an easy solution would be to chop the samples up or trigger them at the beginning of each pattern or anywhere convenient…
You’ll have to watch the sample while the track plays, and work out at which decimal point (under the sample) you can cut it or trigger it corresponding with your track. 09XX - trigger (XX = the decimal point)
It doesn’t necessarily mean at the beginning of a pattern, because that may not sync up with the values under the sample.
In other words, just find points you can start from that are on the beat and trigger/cut them there.

Hope that made sense :wacko:

Yeah, audio tracks… suggested many times before, hopefully (but
considering there’s a record-function inside Renoise, also undoubtly)
implemented somewhere in a bright, bright future :)

Until that time, there’s no way but to cut the longer samples into smaller pieces… alas…

Change default mute action to “mute” not “off”, and it will come back.

You can also render your long audio track to separate files of pattern length (check the render dialog), use the resulting samples with the make drumkit function and enter c - c# - d -d# - e … etc at the beginning of your tracks.

you could rewire reaper too. altough reaper will have ot be master, there’s a big when reaper is rewired to renoise as slave…

a couple of workarounds:

  1. cutting the samples in more than one slice and trigger them where needed will improve the situation
  2. use a Rewire/JACK-transport capable sequencer which has audio tracks where to load the WAV files

the way I see it, it is a design flaw of trackers; I would never like to work with audio tracks inside a tracker (my opinion of course); for such kind of tasks there are more suitable applications, which now can work in synch with Renoise thanks to Rewire capability

I can see your point, but then a record function inside a tracker is only for snippets, or simply a “flag on a mudboat” without audio tracks.

Samples are triggered by a note. If you start to play in the middle of a song, the sample will never be triggered if a note is not set.
Renoise does not really have “Audio tracks”. The solution you currently seek is slaving an Audiowave player to Renoise as slave and add your audio tracks there, then the track will remain synchronized to any position that you play in Renoise.

The mute behavior can be changed by toggling the Mute mode in the misc. preferences:

Off means that the playback is completely being turned off.
Mute means that the playback keeps going on but only the volume is cut off completely

I didn’t know about the mute modes, that will come in handy.

Still, it would be great if Renoise could retrospectively calculate what should be playing in given pattern based on events in previous patterns, since I often have sustaining samples through multiple patterns. I guess it would be computationally intensive however because you could have a track containing multiple instruments with a Continue NNA playing through the entire song, all of which would have to be calculated to correctly start playback in the middle.

Thanks everyone for the help! :) Good to know about the mute setting and the 9xx command!

I was wondering what kind of schedule there is for audio tracks or any other renoise solution for this?
Not to pressure developers but just to know if it’s worth buying something just for audio tracks.
So far best option is EnergyXT but if someone knows cheaper options, let me know. :rolleyes:
Only function i need is that i can sync long samples as rewire slave or vst. Basicly renoise handles the rest. :guitar:

Being the one time biggest fan of XT (1.4 that is not that mess XT2) i would have normally agreed with using XT1.4
The major advantage of using Reaper instead (About the same price)
Is you not only get rewire but rearoute to which is hugely more useful than rewire in a bunch of situations
A simple thing rearoute can do that rewire cant is allow you to pipe in multiple instances of renoise

But if you only want audio tracks then the XT1.4 VST inside Renoise offers other advantages too
You can wrap plugins inside it so you can use things like Catanya and so on which currently cant be used inside Renoise on their own

There are other hosts out there that will do rewire but currently the two leaders for Renoise are undoubtly these two simply because they offer extra features over just the Rewire ;)


where is vV’s tutorial about renoise + long samples + reaper thingy ? … with rewire this should get easy now. no?

It depends on how the latest build of Reaper operates. It hasn’t been very perfect when Reaper got slaved to Renoise…

Is there something free? Maybe something that does this as a VST effect? I admire reaper, but I ain’t buying it just to have audio tracks, that’d be silly…


Well yeah, that’s because you make assumptions about how I like to work. I load up a tune in Renoise, change a slider slightly, render, lamedrop, ftp, hit “scan”. It doesn’t have to be that way, but I need to the option, it’s the same with photography, my whole website is coded that way… I really don’t care what others do and why. I’m perfectly fine with never having properly mastered music. Because I can write 3 before breakfast and then go take photos, if the winds so will… I french kiss the muse and then go fuck her sister. That’s just how I roll. B)

Therefore I don’t expect Renoise to cater to my specific needs, but if I ask if there is a free alternative (for me and my needs), that’s a valid question. Don’t tell me what is viable for me? Yeah, I’ll check it out and if it doesn’t add too much hassle (after setting up a song) I’ll say to myself “good to know, now to find a free solution”… because hey, by saying “there is a nag screen” you’re kinda implying I should use it past 30 days? Huh.

the other thing that works is melodyne.
it got an own “bridge” dps plugin … what works basicly like rewire. it allows to use line-in plugin, route audio to melodyne and “record” there. playback works the same; bridge “sends” audio from melodyne to renoise, similar to rewire. playback sync is not as nice as with rewire but works.

anyway, downside of it is melodyne is not free but might try the demo version. its also not realy ment to be used as a regular sampler, but does a great job on that.

btw. rewire is good for playback … but is usable with recording? didn’t read into it yet.

Anyone tried Imageline’s Edison with renoise? Apparently it can be used as a sampler / playback thing as well.