Difficulty dragging VST3 effects to track

Hi, Windows 10 Enterprise Edition… 10th gen Core i7, 16 megs ram, ssd… Renoise 3.3.2

Dragging VST3 effects to the track can be done, but it doesn’t seem to be smooth, and sometimes it doesn’t work, and I have to select the track in the mixer and double click on the effect

For me it works. What VST3 effects are you using? Do you mean dragging in mixer view or in the effect section?

I figured this it… this is some sort of known issue with Waves. I guess it happens with Waves version 12 as well, as I’ve got version 12…

I had to search around this forum and the web. When I have time later, I might totally try uninstalling waves vst 3, or at least deleting waveshell vst 3.

There was supposed to be a fix for the memory leak? Hasn’t happened yet. No worries…

I checked all my plugins, they all seem to drag and drop except waves…

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It’s usually just incredibly slow, when you drag an effect, you have to wait several seconds for the plugin box to appear on the track, sometimes it doesn’t appear even after waiting and I have to select the track and double click the effect to add it.

In my mind it’s a design flaw, when adding an effect it’s trying to initialize it simultaneously, but since it’s so slow, you can’t add the effect except after the initializing is complete. As a ui designer I would add the plugin boxes first and initialize while/after it’s being dragged, but not having to wait for the full init until you can drop the plugin box on the track

It’s a problem with several different plugins but since waves uses a single dll to load all their different, it’s a bit slower to initialize

It’s a really annoying bug, slows down my work and gives me gray hair

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How can it be a design flaw if it works in other versions and 3.xxx version with vst2…

Must be a fixable bug. Ty for confirming the behavior

I can’t drag some Waves VST3 plugins in, I gave up waiting after 10 seconds so I can confirm you can’t drag in Kramer Tape Stereo, CLA Vocals, CLA EchoSphere, Berzerk and Aphex Vintage Exciter but a lot of other Waves VST3 plugins work like the whole OneKnob series, S1 Imager, TrueVerb. Fk Waves to be honest, they are nothing but a headache.

I mean it has been flawed from the beginning but since vst 2 maybe loads faster, you haven’t noticed it before, still is a a bit weird solution. Wouldn’t really have to be fixed if vst3 loaded as fast but still doesn’t make it right in my mind.

No, I’ve never noticed it before