Difficulty Installing An Au Component For Renoise

Hello. I’ve been trying to install the Magical 8bit Plug plug-in for Renoise for the past hour or so. I’ve run this before, so I can’t figure what I’m doing wrong.

I’ve downloaded and extracted, and placed the *.component file in to my Plug-in folder (it does match my Renoise config). I reloaded Renoise and rescanned, but it will not show up as an instrument no matter what I do.

Also, on the page above there are two mac downloads. “Mac AudioUnits Universal-Binary Edition ver 0.3 (zip 335KB)” and “Mac AudioUnits PPC Edition ver 0.2 (zip 289KB)” … What is the difference? I have a newer intel Mac Pro (running Lion) so not sure which I should use.

Is anyone running this? Any install help is appreciated.


Works for me on 10.6.8

  • Download Universal Binary (you don’t have PPC, it’s for older G4/G5 computers)
  • Drag ‘magical8bitPlug.component’ to ‘/Users//Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/’
  • Start Renoise

My first guess why it’s not working? Lion.

It /must/ be Lion. i’ve installed/used this plug-in before on previous versions of the OS. Damn.

Hopefully the plug-in developer releases an update for Lion soon. I have tracks I can’t finish until then :(

:blink: that tiny plugin is broken due to a 0.02 Os update ?!
if its possible, downgrade your osx.

The wonders of the infallible MacOS hey!

PS it’s not a 0.0.2 update but a 0.1.0 update really. Take them as three separate numbers, the last one being similar to a Service Pack being released on Windows. This is why you will find some people waiting for an X.X.1 release with MacOS, similar to people waiting for SP1 to come out for a Windows version.

I’m having the same problem. i deleted the log files and tried disabling/reabling the folders, using two different versions of renoise, and still nothing.

i miss logic. damn you Lion!!! DAMN YOUUUUUUU!