Difficulty scanning LADSPA plugins on Linux


New install of Renoise on Ubuntu Studio 18.

I’m having difficulty getting my LADSPA plugins to show inside Renoise.

My LADSPA plugins are all installed to usr/lib/LADSPA

Log.txt shows that the plugins are being scanned, and I see them being scanned on startup but no plugins appear within the plugin menu within Renoise - I can see all my VST plugins OK and the DSSI plugins that come with Renoise also, just no LADSPAs?

I’ve searched on the forum but don’t see anyone else having this issue. Could it be permissions?

Log file attached.


Problem solved - just found in the FAQ - no instruments will appear in the instruments list - all LADSPA devices will appear as FX only - they are all there in the mixer FX section, I was just looking in the wrong place.

Now to learn how to make music with this puppy :slight_smile: