Digg.com Users? Can I Get A +1 On Renoise 2.0

Can you digg it, baby?


+1 on this thread… but I has no digg :(

You know I’s gonna digg this. And I have.


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If you’re into retro interfaces, demoscene, 8-bit music, Are we still promoting Renoise as if it is some kind of retro music utility? Come on… we left that stone age.

hah. very true.
I skimmed over that.


Digg users aren’t musicians. It’s a technology and culture site. It’s like a Slashdot, but younger. If it isn’t general, or nostalgic, then it won’t be of interest. (In retrospect, it probably won’t get that many diggs regardless, but that is besides the point, i.e. the same reason we don’t get on Slashdot). It’s tongue in check. My post is supposed to be for digg readers, not you.

If we get a lot of “diggs” (i.e. the equivalent of +1) and surpass a certain threshold, then millions of people will see it. No doubt, this won’t happen. But I can always dream can’t I? :)

See TUAW blog for a historical reference.

also true.

I also stumbled the launch page. Feel free to add thumbs up if you use SU.

I’ll digg it. How about mentioning that it’s netbook compatible?

Dugg. C’mon people, Digg it! :drummer:

Can I update stories on Digg? I’m a reader, but not a well versed user… :blink:

It has been dugged