Digibooster (.dbm) Support

If Renoise could get import support for the excellent DigiBoosterPro format from the Amiga platform, i would not hesitate to buy it.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it was much like Fasttracker for the Amiga, and better in some aspects. It supported up to 128 channels (allthough i never used more than 64), 256 instruments, and supported two independant command-effects per (not only effect + volume, but effect + effect), as well as volume and panning envelopes.Many sceners did some of their best songs using this program.

The format is, according to the authors very self-explaining.
Here’s a full description of the format:

an example of a song i composed in digibooster, “I am Igloo” :

Here’s an example DBM file, released under my alias “Whiskas”.

ModPlug player supports the .dbm format, and can be downloaded at:

as far as i know, the devs aren’t too keen on implementing and supporting other tracker formats anymore. the implementation of the .xm format isn’t perfect even and is not going to ever will be much better, because the focus lies on improving and enhancing the program and its own format.

That so? Hm, well, i can understand that they don’t want to dwell with other formats, but i expected a solid xm support. It is possible to convert .dbm songs to .xm, but most of my songs are over 32 channels, and it is quite horrible to discard them in the conversion.

I used digibooster pro too and it is good. But Renoise 1.5 is so much better…If I where you I would focus on making new music with Renoise instead of fixing old songs…

Renoise 1.5 supports up to 4-6 effects per track, 4 effect columns and panning and volume, which also have some effects…
You can have 12 notes per track, infinite amount of dsp effects, automation envelopes for controlling volume panning and VSTI.
Track naming, pattern naming, undo/redo in pattern and sample editor. Render block to sample.
Drag n drop of instruments, tracks and patterns. I could go on forever…

I also used digibooster pro before renoise.
I have exported them as XM in digibooster pro,
and then loaded them back in renoise.
It’s not perfect indeed.
the effects will be gone (echo) some sample loops are incorrect and some other minor things.

so you have to re-do some things. but it’s better than nothing.

the only problem I have is that some nice dirty 8 bit samples sound not as bright as on the amiga. anyone has a solution for this?