Digibooster Tracker Alpha Running On Amigaos

Hi guys

Just tested first alpha version for AmigaOS of good, old and re-coded Amiga multichannel tracker Digibooster and put a screenshot here:

It plays all old .DBM modules well, but is not very pretty-looking and usable the way Renoise is, of course, but is very nice to try if you are an old Amiga fan, like me :)

More infos here: http://www.digiboosterpro.de/newse.php

All best

I remember Digibooster, was playing with it on my A600 with 8MB of Fast RAM / 2M chip mmory + MMU unit + few other…

Nice times…

Good Times that for sure :walkman:

I’m still an Amiga fan :dribble:
love to listen to old protracker/soundtracker mods by for eksample:Bruno,Nuke,Walkman,Heatbeat,Vinnie,Jogeir,M.O.N,Firefox,Tip&Mantronix,jesper kyd,karsten obarski++++ could go on forever :walkman:

Great news! I really used Digibooster Pro till 2002 on an emulated amiga till Renoise matured :) for me, best tracker on the Amiga.

Seems like MUI-GUI … its as pretty as you make it :wink: