Digital Dwelming

Hello guys i just posted a new track in the songs part of this site. Song is called Digital Dwelming.

used gear: Renoise 1.8 including vsti: Absynth 3, atmosphere, stylus, Blue.
used hardware: Yamaha AN1x and access Indigo 2

Hope you guys have time to listen to it and leave some comments…

Greetz… :walkman:

Liked this one.

Some quick thoughts:

The plucky synth in the beginning could perhaps use a little less mechanical timing? Kick drum could also use a bit more human feel.
Have yet to figure out how to do this myself, but I know it can be done.

Smiled a bit when the funny little baseline/jazzy hihat appeared. Liked it. I have a hard time keeping a song “dark” and usually end up putting fun parts in all my stuff even if I don’t intend to.

I would consider pulling the plucky, metallic synth a bit back, or possibly fading it in? Preferably not just a volume fade. Some creative filtering, perhaps?