Digital Writing

How? with digital pens? what’s the best gear and program?

basically I’d like to be able to do this:

PS: recording with Camtasia is a pretty cool idea too.


damn, that some serious math there ;)

oh man, you don’t even know. that’s just some stupid calculus.

actually i was being sarcastic :)


about your problem :

wacom (go look on ebay)

there are graphic tablets from other companies, but as I heard wacom is the only thing to be taken seriously (for example because they build alot of these things, companies like logitech sometimes do some of these but then after a few months support simply denies they made these … so if you for example loose your pen from a non-wacom tablet you are screwed).

You might consider to get a big one, atleast as a big sheet of paper (A4 its called here … something like US-Letter I guess) or you cant really do anything with them.

About the software that is used in that vid, I cant help you with that. Looks like Microsoft Journal ?! (never heard of it). But these things basically work as a mouse-like device, you just dont drag the mouse but point the pen where you want to have it, so it should work even with MS Paint. Ofcourse in Photoshop, Painter etc. you have added functionality.

Hope this helps.

Wacom intuos and up is the best but I would suggest you to get something cheap.

If don’t want to draw very exact with lots of pressure levels etc.

Wacom intuos are for graphic artist with quite high needs.

that vid looks like it was done on a tablet (like one of these):

i would like to have one of these, tho i dont think renoise would run right on it:

havent seen any multi-touch tablets available yet, but then consumer electronics is all about waiting… -bastid capitolist pigs

then theres also some wireless remote viewing monitors that are called “Smart Displays” i thought the idea was great its essentially a hardware VNC client.

i almost bought one of these smart displays a couple years ago, they were* cheap only like 400 usd, but the idea never caught on an i guess everyone abandoned the idea.

The thing with Tablet pc is the price (too $$$$$$$$$$$) and it’s a new technology too.

First I need a laptop so I can do music on the run.

The Wacom Itous is where it’s at for me right now.

That would totally do the trick. Hook this shit up on a computer with a projector and you have a digital black board! kinda pricie too, but let look at ebay.

I’ll probably get one. Thx guys!!


Have made my decision. I’ll get a Graphire whatever model is the biggest and more up to date. :dribble:

thanks guys! :yeah:

I got one of these:

Works ok, and I got it really cheap. A Wacom of same size is like 3 or 4 times as expensive. Tried the bigger A4 model my ex gf bought, but I didn’t like it much as I had to move my hand too much. A5 is a good size for me. If I need to work on detail, I simply zoom in. I suggest you try and get a feel for it first before going for the biggest model.

Just bought a Graphire4 6x8. I think it’s gonna be ok. the other size is 4x5, maybe too small.

Now it’s just a matter of waiting. <_<

I like my 6x8. Anything smaller would be too small, and as I said anything bigger seems unnecessary.

I’m getting a cell phone site or something. No lecture.

Hmmm, I’ll stick to LaTeX. It isn’t that much slower.