Dimension Pro and Rapture VSTs only $19

DontCrack.com have them both on special offer until 7th July, I bought them both last night, about £12.40 each in the U.K.
I have only played with Dimension Pro for ten minutes, but am very pleased with it, Rapture looks well worth the money too.
Just thought I’d let everybody know in case you’re interested, as there are only a few days left before the offer expires, and apologies if this has already been posted up here.

I’ve had Rapture for 6 years… I know it backwards and forwards. It is perhaps, “one of the most awesome vst synths ever written.” It worked great until Rene left Cakewalk. Since version 2 Rapture has been a buggy mess on at least, “Win 7, 8, and I believe Rapture will no longer work on anything Mac.”

If you don’t properly install Rapture you will get constant crashes in Renoise. You wont be able to figure out you haven’t properly installed it, you will just have the headache of, “why the fuck is this crashing Renoise.”

Once you install properly Rapture 2.2.2, assuming you are on Win 7 and later, using both 64 bit Renoise and 64 bit Rapture, you will not see any popup boxes detailing info like, “cutoff frequency, delay type/amount, and various other popup boxes that you wont know are supposed to show up, because you haven’t been using Rapture since 1.0.”

That said, "Rapture is the best wavetable vst ever written. Its cooler than anything I’ve ever seen. It sounds as good as all the, “newer, better synths.” You can layer, “20,” Raptures on a modern quad core and still have cpu left over to watch a little internet porn…

Hi 2 daze j, I haven’t had any crashes left, but I can’t see the popup windows which you described, I’m using Win 8 64 bit, 64 bit Rapture and Renoise. I still haven’t had much time to try it out yet, I’ll let you know if I get any crashes once I start writing songs with it.