Direct Jack Midi Support Planned?


So I just purchased Renoise and tested it on Windows and Linux, and I like it very much!

Renoise does support Jack, which is one of the things that made me purchase it. However, it does not support Jack MIDI yet, but only Alsa MIDI, so if I want to get MIDI into Renoise from a Jack-only app, I have to use a Alsa-Jack-MIDI-bridge. Therefore my question:

Is it planned to support Jack MIDI directly in Renoise?

I know from personal experience that it is rather a big step to go from having audio and MIDI in the same thread (as with Jack audio and Jack MIDI, i.e., direct Jack MIDI support) to synchronizing two separate inputs (Jack audio and Alsa MIDI, which are typically processed in different threads). But I am inclined to think that the other way round it may be much easier.

It’s just that once you have synchronized incoming MIDI messages to the audio stream it makes everything so much easier/better. Most importantly, you’ll have sample-accurate MIDI timing between different applications that support Jack MIDI.

And on a sidenote: Jack support for Windows and Macos would be really nice (sorry I’m repeating myself, but I really like the fact that Renoise is available for these three platforms and I really like Jack, so this seems just like the logical consequence).



Yep, JACK midi support would be a killer feature.