Directsound + Asio

Hey :)

I don’t know if this is Renoise-Only or a general driver bug, so I post this here.

Sometimes, when I close Renoise (no matter which version), I do not get sound in XMPlay or VLC. But if I shut down my PC I get my windows-shutdown sound. So, does windows use another driver than VLC/XMPlay?

Soundcard: Terratec Aureon Space 7.1 with Sensaura 3D.

If you use ASIO in Renoise, it might be that Renoise doesn’t shut down the ASIO drivers directly, it may take up a few minutes before the asio drivers are released by the driver.
The problem with terratec drivers is, their soudcard drivers do not accept the use of ASIO and DirectSound at the same time.
So if the ASIO drivers still have locked the card, other applications fail to produce audio because they cannot init DirectSound.

I usually wait a few minutes before starting any other application that requires audio (wether this is an audio application or just a browser to watch mediaplayer content in)

Tried that, worked out well :) Thanks :)