Directsound & Asio4All 2 problem - solved

EDIT: Solved. The latency had to be higher than 10 for some reason, not sure why.

I have Windows 10 and usually use the default Directsound output but I recently installed Asio4All 2 as a test but it seems to have messed with my Directsound output.

With Asio4All selected everything plays fine and latency is acceptable, just as Directsound was, I didn’t install Asio4All for use with Renoise.

However now when I try to use Directsound there is terrible cracking and a strange distorted delay when I try to play sounds in Renoise. The CPU is at %4 so I know that isn’t the issue.

I have uninstalled Asio4All but the problem still persists, does anyone know anything about this?

All other audio plays fine, including in other DAWs.

Thanks in advance. image

Increase your latency (around 40 ms)

Thanks yes I just changed it and all seems to be good, have a nice wknd!

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