Directx Plugins

Any tips on where I can find some good DirectX plugins. I am specially interested in Amp-simulators and preamps and stuff - for guitars mainly. Also, is this a feature that is in renoise or will be available in renoise?

renoise does not have native support for dx plugins.
either try to find your required plugins in VST flavour or use a dx2vst wrapper like i do for ohmforce plugins, for example.
i don’t have the link for that wrapper handy now, but incase you’re interested in checking it, i’ll make a lil’ search for you.

if you want to use Direct-X plugins then there is a DX-VST wrapper designed by Vincent Burel.

There are some v nice VST amp simulators available, Amplitube springs to mind…

but those ohmforce plugs do also come as VST, or not ?!

Ok, so it looks like the time has come for me to find out what this vst-stuff is really about eh? :) Well, I guess I have to sometime anyway.
But I am still interested in dx-plugins for use with other software (mixing and making samples etc). So if anyone has a dx-plugins link especially preamps and guitaramp-simulators I’m still interested!…
that’s the demo version of the wrapper, which features only 4 insert slots as opposed to 16 of the registered version - as this is the only limition, i guess nobody really needs the additional 12 slots of the regged version, since you can cascade ffx_4’s with one another.

@looza, hmm odd to hear your ohmforce plugs are vst, mine aren’t - i only got .dll’s like this: “OhmBoyz_dx.dll”…

sounds like you should get your hands on “Spectral Design - Warp VST” - it’s really the most HQ guitaramp simulation i’ve encountered so far.

Ohmforce plugins come in just about every flavour imaginable. I own their entire range in VST format. At purchase time you choose what format you want. With the Expert license you get a choice of VST or DX (in either funky or classic skins) and with the Pro Pack license you get all formats: VST, DX, AU, MAS, RTAS, WinAMP in both flavours funky and classic.
If all you’ve got are dx plugins then you either had a major brain fart when ordering (the default selection is Win VST so you have to set it to DX manually if you want it) or… well I won’t go there <_<

I want to recommend vb-audio’s FFX-4 as an alternative for now - it works fantastically and just about error-free… which is to say I’ve had no errors. And it’s great with remembering settings on reloads.

Only bummer is no tweaking presets in realtime; but that’s something I think we’ve all had to deal with before anyhow, in different apps.

If you make use of the “Render Effects” button in the Sample Editor, you can really get a lot of use out of your faves from Wavelab/Soundforge etc.