DiRTiLAY (LoFiDelay//Doofer)

My 3RD Doofy Doofer guys - hope you can use it in your track to add some xtra GRiT!


DiRTiLAY.xrdp (6.8 KB)


DELAy - Delay Time
FDBCk - Delay Feedback

DiRT - Noise Amount
TONi - Tone Control
BiTZ - Bits Depth

AMTDELAy - Delay Send
WEttDiRT - Wet Mix Noise
DRyDiRT - Dry Mix Source

Hidden Menue:

Delay - L/R Panning = Ping Pong
LoFi - “Smooth” = Tone Color

Pro Tip = Put DNOiZr > FLUTTrMANN > DiRTiLAY on every channle and have some fun!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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