Dirtywave m8 tracker

Anyone getting the dirtywave m8 tracker?

image ( https://dirtywave.com/ )

Looking slick imo, though a bit weird maybe with the button layout :slight_smile: . Gas is definitely activated, though at the moment I can’t justify a 450,- dollar purchase, also knowing I have a hardly touched polyend tracker here that needs more love. If in the future the price can come down, perhaps with a cheaper Nerdseq portable as direct competition a better choice can be weighed.

Great to see these projects come to light! :sunglasses:


If I was more into chiptune stuff (lol, I use a Tracker as my main daw and don’t really mess with Jungle/chiptune/DnB all that much) I would be way more interested. form factor and general looks are great. If I got anything it would probably be the Polyend. Ultimately, though, I have Renoise on a fairly portable laptop with a bunch of VSTs that make all the sounds I like, along with a Rolend R-26 Field recorder, so really I have a hard time justifying the purchase of a Polyend or M8.

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Or this…

I read the manual and I’m not sure if I should buy into this because there are only 256 phrases (patterns with 16 steps each) for making a whole 8-track song. I’m sure I would run out of phrases … What do you think?

Saying that the dirtywave is just for chiptune would be an understatement , it is far more capable then the polyend (which also has lots of quality issues )
Dirtywave has mutable instruments macro fm synth algo’s , fm stuff etc qualityhousing , mechanical kailh switches etc…iow .it surpasses the polyend in both, build-sound quality and features .

That’s a fair point, certainly now after the M8 is “fully” developed. Though, when it was first coming around virtually everything I saw on it was, “hey, look at this chip-tune synth that’s inspired by chip-tune synths,” so at first glance I saw it as mostly a chip-tune type of device.

I rescind my previous view of the M8 as primarily a chip-tune synth. It certainly turned into quite a bit more. I will also point out that I hilariously countered my own argument of the M8 being a chip-tune synth in the very first sentence of my original post.

Cheers to the M8 for being a capable and unique device. (I still think the polyend tracker is neat, though. And Renoise with VSTs on a portable computer makes more sense in my use-case.) It’s pretty awesome that there are multiple options with varying capabilities and price-points available to us.

What you’re describing is just conformation bias .
Right from the start the dirtywave had a great feature set .
I don’t see anyhting in the polyend tracker that even remotely interest me , a user interface which is nearly not as good as a dedicated mechanical keyboard + laptop running renoise .
My 2 cents

Yes, as elucidated in the second sentence of my post. :man_shrugging:t2: In defense of that bias, early marketing and buzz surrounding the M8 was heavily skewed towards its 8-Bit engine from what I saw at the time, though again, I wasn’t paying that close of attention beyond aesthetic and form factor (which I praised from the start). Bias doesn’t form in a vacuum.

Agreed, sans mechanical keyboard currently as I rather like the switches in my laptop’s keyboard. I extend the sentiment to the M8, as well, though that certainly has a lot to do with being biased towards Renoise due to familiarity with the interface and the ability to significantly extend its functionality through Tools and Plug-Ins.