Disable All Or Selected Tools In Tool Browser

Maybe I’m getting paranoid, but I’m trying to disable a bunch of scripts atm to narrow down this sluggishness I’m experiencing, laptop fan going crazy every 5 minutes, or blowing steam when I’m done playing a simple pattern…

…hoping some buggy script might be the reason for this…

unfortunately I now have to select every script one by one to disable them, and I like to request modifier key selection of multiple scripts to do batch disabling/enabling in the future :slight_smile: .

I don’t know if the following will help…

I have task manager on all the time, checking the CPU usage from time to time. During one hot summer day (I have no AC, however, I live in a shaded area now, plus the sun hardly blazes my section during its cycles, still, it was quite hot and humid that day) the CPU usage would not go below around 30 to 50% and I had no applications running. I don’t remember if Renoise was laggy or not during that day but I’m leaning on laggy. I can’t find the source at the moment but apparently its some kind of fail safe thing where it prevents something bad happening. After weeding through the forum with plenty of mucking around with the computer suggestions, someone suggested to simply unplug the recharging battery then replug it when needed.

I did just that plus I’m using these Ice Brix placed in a pan where my laptop sits above it, never touching the condensation and nothing is hardly hot to the touch. The only section and time it gets hot is the battery area of the laptop during recharge. The adapter that I use to charge the battery gets Ice Bricked as well because that gets really fuckin hot to the touch. I have a few to cycle in order to keep the constant cool.

The only other time where I’ve ran across some kind of lag (noticing the scopes behave really choppy and slow) is when I have Scripting & Terminal Editor on (I use it more as a text editor), then I run Rubberband, then playback Renoise. So I avoid using the Scripting & Terminal Editor when I run Rubberband or when saving songs.

Edit: running 2.7.1

@jonas: maybe someone could write a script for that! ;)

I actually tried to do this.

I spent 30 minutes looking into it.

At the time of this writing it can’t be done.

Here’s the code for the nerdily inclined:

for key, val in ipairs(renoise.app().installed_tools) do  
 -- print(renoise.app().installed_tools[key].enabled)  
 renoise.app().installed_tools[key].enabled = false  

Short version, renoise.app().installed_tools[key] is read-only.

Thanks for taking the time and trying Conner!

Would the disable all script be possible now that we have an updated lui api?