Disable auto-center of pattern input cursor

I have seen this mentioned in at least one other thread, and I wanted to build a stronger case for it.

On my monitor, even with the top and bottom bars visible, I can fit a 64-row pattern with no scrollbar:

5389 rn_wholepattern.PNG

However, this only happens if the cursor is between rows 20 and 25. Most of the time I get some form of this:

5390 rn_topwasted.PNG

5391 rn_bottomwasted.PNG

If the view didn’t always center to the cursor, I could view the whole pattern ALWAYS which would make me so happy it’s hard to even imagine.

I also find it a bit disorienting having the entire view scroll for every vertical cursor movement. It doesn’t do this for horizontal movement (across channels), so I’m just asking for the same behavior as an option in the Y axis as well.

Thanks for reading and for making my favorite music-making tool.

Yes many topics regarding this behavior has been spawned, it is a very highly desired change of functionality.

The devs are well aware of it.