Disable autofocus?

Every time I click on he edit screen. Renoise auto-focuses on the place I clicked the cursor.

I can’t find the option to disable this. Where it be?

I just wanna click and not have everything jump around like it’s in a House of Pain song.

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Selection is the only thing I really don’t like in Renoise.
For example below, it’s not clear for me what is selected…
And as you mentioned, when you click, focus moves!



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There’s an option for that in the GUI preferences:

Single click to set cursor in edit mode


Thanks @taktik & @EatMe!
It seems I have found something that suits me with these settings:

  • uncheck single click (so I have to double click to set the cursor)
  • uncheck instant drag&drop (to avoid mistakes when I only want to do another selection)
  • uncheck view multiple (to be sure I don’t go on another pattern if I scroll)
  • uncheck separate edit & play (even if I absolutly don’t understand what it does)


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