Disable Row Centering?

for visual continuity issues, i really would like to stop Renoise from automatically scrolling the pattern so that the edit area in vertically centered. it’s too jumpy for me to follow and is frustrating. i can’t find a setting to disable it. is there one?


Look at page 20 in the renoise manual, if i understood you right you can disable that function by pressng the toggle patternmode… Let me now if this was any help… Happy tracking

First of all, you can disable song-position follow (press SCROLL LOCK). This will stop the pattern editor from scrolling, but it will also cause the pattern editor to stay in the current pattern, no matter which pattern the song is actually playing. If you want to always stay in the pattern that’s playing, there’s an option to control that as well - in Preferences/GUI/Pattern Sequencer, you can uncheck the option to separate the edit & play position.

But you can’t have the pattern stay centred on the screen while moving the edit/play position/cursor up and down the page. That always remains central and the pattern moves around it. What you (sound like you) are requesting has been requested in the past but as could only work with small pattern lengths and quite high screen resolution most of the time has never gone that far.

Thanks for everyone’s replies. i might not be describing this well enough.

What i really want is for playback “head” to be independent of edit position and for it to follow playback as usual, including centering on the screen vertically. That’s fine. What i have a problem with is the edit position/cursor moving the pattern scroll up/down while NOT playing, always keeping the current editing position in the center of the screen vertically. This causes me great difficulty because my eyes/brain has a hard time constantly adjusting to the visual field.

It’s actually something that a lot of people normally have trouble with. It’s a visual/cognitive issue. Jumps or changes that are instantaneous are very difficult to follow (or impossible). It’s something that i’m sure many Renoise users get used to but i bet a lot of people would like to be able to change the behavior.

If i move my editing cursor to row 2f, i don’t want 2f to jump into the center of the screen. i don’t want the pattern view to move scroll position at all. i want to divorce the scrolling from the edit position entirely so that i can move around in the viewable area on my own (i know i’d have to manually scroll, that’s fine).

Does this help explain better? :)

Isn’t that what I was talking about and said isn’t possible?

heh heh… guess so