Disable Sample Editor Undo

i have issue with the CONs of undo
when i want to load long tracks.

the amount of time it takes to load , and the strain it puts on my system.

id like to know if i can disable the undo feature and then enable it if i choose?

or should i jus download the old one?

I find it hard to believe that undo has anything to do with loading songs. :huh:

Hm, well probably it doesn’t really has anything to do with songs… but for sure it kicks in when it comes about loading long samples… Maybe this is what Shogun was talking about? :unsure:

Shogun said tracks, but you’re right… it could be loading samples shogun meant.

There was a suggestion to do like cool edit, where you can cancel the undo process while loading long samples.

yes i did mean samples

apparently in my long use of trackers i got used to not having the undo feature.

i like to be able to load long samples with very little issue.
the new renoise is very cool.

but the undo feature is somthing id like the option of disabling.

not possible?

No :(

Ehm, yes.
On the bottom left in the sampleeditor, there are two icons for the undo/redo. Left to it is a checkbox that will en/disable undo/redo.

But undo/redo will not speed up the sample loading time, as this creates no undo action.

Uhm… sorry, I’m a moron. :unsure: :rolleyes: