Disabling all global commands (tempo, tick count etc) in a track

I was wondering, is there a way to do this without deleting the track?

A friend and i are working on a cover of an old rock song from the 1970’s, i’m doing the drums and synths in Renoise. We recorded our tracks (guitar, vocals, bass) against the original recording, but the tempo fluctuates by 2 or 3 bpm over the course of the song, probably because the band was using analog metronomes that weren’t so accurate. So instead of redoing all our takes, i added a track in my renoise module with ZTxx commands which adjust the tempo to match the original song.

What i’m wondering is, what if i wanted to completely disable this tempo fluctuation, but without scrapping it or keeping a bunch of backup xrns files, kind of like “commenting out” the track? Global commands are still executed even if the track is muted. Changing this would certainly break compatibility with existing rns/xrns modules, and adding an extra flag per track would be confusing and probably not the best way to do it. Maybe a “do global commands on muted tracks” flag in each song/module’s properties…?

Off the top of my head, and it’s a hack as well as a suggestion for tool that I don’t think exists.

There’s a tool for track comments, which stores a comment for any given track (I think it stashes the info in the song comments text box, keyed off the track name).

I wanted more specific comments, so I made a tool that works much the same way but associates comments with track patterns.

I needed a way to “tag” a line in a pattern, and learned that you can invent fx “commands” so long as Renoise doesn’t recognize them as an existing command. So my track-pattern comments are keyed in the fx column as “NG00”, “NG01”, etc. since “NG” has no meaning to Renoise.

This now makes me think a way to “hide” fx without removing them would be to rename the fx command to something unused by Renoise. An fx search-and-replace tool would be ideal for this.

If your tempo changes are not too many you could do this by hand as well.

…so, a “remap” command like we already have for instruments would be a very viable approach. It would be pretty simple to write a lua function that swaps the Z prefix on all global commands in the current track to/from something unused, like X.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction :smiley:

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