Disabling AMD Cool n Quiet gave * 3+ boost

I recently updated to a Phenom II 1055T X6, but was wondering how on earth I got worse performance in Renoise than on my old 64X2 4200+ dualcore.

It turned out, that the way AMD Cool’n’Quiet interprets the power consumption of Renoise caused the processor to run on reduced speed even when Something heavy like U-He ACE was eating a single CPU for a snack.

For comparison: a single note on Tyrell N6 went from 20% CPU consumption down to around 6 when I disabled the Cool’n’Quiet in the BIOS.

Strangely though, in Reaper I didn’t have this problem.

Anyway, so I suggest trying this for all AMD users on recent machines!

When my main pc was a single core Athlon I left Cool n Quiet off… But I also OC’d, just a little. ;) If I made a clock setting that caused boot failure and I needed to do a BIOS reset I had to remind myself to switch it off again or everything would crawl at half speed.

Reaper probably doesn’t kill sustaining plugins when they are frankly doing nothing. In Renoise this is default behavior for the majority of plugins.

Yes I think that is true…

Just to recap since I’ve played around with this and re-tested: yes the BIOS settings have a huge impact on my CPU, with the cool’n’ quiet enabled, Renoise performed incredibly bad. I just thought to bring this up, since it’s a bit stupid to have a fast computer that doesn’t actually do the fast part even…

I ended up removing all OCs, since even if they mean one crash once a month, that might mean losing hours of work… Because sometimes I’ve lost files on crashes, and for one reason or other the autosaves too… And one thing that can drive me mad is when some flash of inspiration and serendipity goes up in smoke :P

That shouldn’t happen, i would check my harddrive or writing rights to the temp-folder for Renoise if that happened to me…
Just for insurance, always start renoise as admin, that at least warrants unlimited access to system temporary folders for Renoise even though it should normally not be necessary.

excellent tip ! i got the same cpu and will deffinatly try this out :slight_smile:

About file problems: that was probably my old mobo, I had some other corruption problems too… But doesn’t really matter what causes the problems, if work is lost :P Renoise in itself has performed in a pretty stellar way, almost no crashes, and very smooth operation always.